Leadership, Self-Loathing, and Self-Love:

An Initiation on the Path
From Self Awareness to Self Mastery*

(*Especially - though not exclusively - if you consider yourself to be highly sensitive, an empath, or perhaps even neuro-divergent).

Join us to discover why so many aspiring leaders - perhaps YOU - secretly wrestle with imposter syndrome
and how to elevate yourself for the impact
you're here to make.

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You are heart-based and purpose-driven in your business, your life and your relationships and still struggling or feeling stuck, or you've been doing great and feeling like you've plateaued, or maybe you're rockin' it out and looking for the next edge. If so please keep reading...

You know you want to use your voice and share your gifts to lead conversations that have a positive impact in your world.

The holidays are coming up quickly.

You may feel great about that. Or maybe not. Or maybe both...

‘Tis the season to know how to bring more love, abundance and impact for yourself, your business and those you care about.

But something seems to consistently hold you back. You're not alone. One of the most commonly reported struggles aspiring leaders deal with is the fear that they may be 'found out' so they hold back and play small.

Can you relate?

We've worked with thousands of these leaders over decades. Join us for this Masterclass and Meditation to find out and transmute what might be holding you back from feeling more free and fully expressed.

Join us for this special

Class & Meditation

In this unique, experiential process we'll engage your heart, head and spirit as you:

  • Uncover the core initiation of self-deception for leaders.
  • Discover your personal keys to 'un-stucking' yourself.
  • Explore the fundamental factor (or flaw) behind "know, like and trust"
  • Identify one of the most important leaks in your bucket
  • ...and how to seal it up immediately.

We'll also tap into Source energy with a real-time meditation:

  • Drop into a deeper level of truth that heals and opens your heart.
  • Tap into infinite wisdom to activate and support your highest physical, emotional, mental and spiritual expression.
  • Practice your presence to enhance your influence and impact.
  • Be held in a conscious community.

You'll learn what it takes to create the deeper, meaningful and ease-filled connections you desire - personally, with your partner, with your family, and in your business.

We’ll also explore how to access and maintain a higher frequency consistently so you can show up more authentic, more loving and more present to navigate this last stretch of the year, and finish out 2022 aligned and on purpose.

More present. More peaceful. More YOU!

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Tuesday, November 15
at 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern / 8am Eastern Australia

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You Are Worth Taking

This Time To Tap Into Your Highest Truth.

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"I'm not a doing machine.
This is about who I am

"My life was always about seeking something - that next level of learning, that next thing, that next workshop. That ‘golden nugget’ that was going to help me take my business and my life to the next level. And it was always outside of myself. So, when I walked into their event, I was hugely skeptical. I thought, 'what’s going to have this be different?'

Then I saw George and Tracey and I was like, “Well, this is different!” They have very different styles, but come from the same place, different words, different vocabulary, different flavor.

George and Tracey as leaders is what separates this work.

It’s a different conversation. I realized that it’s not about me doing more--I’m not a doing machine. No amount of studying and new knowledge will help me be more heard and self-expressed. It’s about who I am being, and that was the shift.”

Brandy A., Film Maker, Transformational Artist, Austin

We Merge Spiritual Embodiment, Authentic Leadership, and
Conscious Communication
So That You Can
"Speak and Lead with Love."

Your Hosts:

George P. Kansas and
Tracey Trottenberg-Kansas

With over 50 years combined experience leading transformational programs and events, we’ve spoken to, trained and coached tens of thousands of people. 

We are Leadership and Language Mentors and Alchemists.

Our work has been called the “Harvard MBA of Conscious Communication.”

Our passion is to support heart-centered, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, executives, coaches, healers and difference-makers like you to have an authentic, loving and positive influence in your work, at home and in the world from ‘the inside out’ so you can “Speak and Lead with Love.” 

Our mission is to “Elevate consciousness by elevating the conversations - the ones inside of you, coming out of your mouth, and happening around you.”  

Our deepest joy and greatest honor is to guide you to see and embody your greatest self - authentically - so you fulfill your calling to share your voice and make a positive impact in your business and your life. With proven strategies and timeless principles for your everyday life and work, we "hold the holders". We guide you to lead and communicate with more consciousness and confidence for your full soul-purpose expression, especially during this time when it - and you - are needed more than ever.

In Partnership with Voices For Love, Inc.

Voices For Love, Inc. is a 501c3 charitable corporation supporting conscious difference-makers engaged in work that makes the world more safe, kind and caring. Through scholarships, leadership training, fundraising, awareness, community and empowerment, we support heart-centered difference makers and their passion projects.

Together, we expand consciousness, magnify impact and spread the experience of love, kindness and well-being in mind, body, emotion, and spirit on this planet.