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Deep Dive Relationship Accelerator

Private Mexico Retreat

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Ignite The Superpowers In Your Relationship To Unlock Your True

Purpose For Greater Impact - Together 

Let's Explore Together

The pain, problems and patterns that keep triggering you as a couple are the keys to unlock your true purpose and full self expression - individually and as partners. 


This is one of the most important secrets of being an amazing couple and it's
accessible only through the strategies and practices contained in the
“Integrated Alchemy Method” (TM).

Join us and have our full attention focused exclusively on you, your partnership and your purpose in this incredible in-person opportunity!

What Challenges You The Most about Your Partner

Is The Pathway to Your Superpowers.

This is the fast track to fulfill the purpose you're meant to express.

The very thing that challenges you the most about your partner is not only the pathway to the superpowers in your relationship, but getting good at navigating them is a vital key to fulfill your purpose, especially if you want to make a real impact in the world.

Your ability to make a bigger difference is directly related to the development of specific skills and qualities. 

The development of those skills and qualities is directly related to your capacity to transmute - what we call "alchemize" - some of the most persistent and repetitive challenges in your relationship as a committed couple.

The shift you want in your relationship requires a new perspective.

Because the problem is not you. It’s not your partner. It’s not even the annoying patterns that keep coming up.

The real problem is… that you think there is a problem.

Most of us have been told - and believe – that the challenges in our relationships are problems rather than possibilities, and that in an ideal relationship, those issues should not even be there.

And as a purpose-driven person who wants to get your message and work out to help more people, it may feel like these recurring issues hold you back from expressing yourself fully, and living your purpose in a bigger way.

It’s a FANTASY. There is no perfect relationship that is easy, without challenges.

In the moments you believe that either you, your relationship or your partner is the problem, you are seeing the relationship through an “old paradigm” perspective.

The actual problem is that old paradigm.

Seeing your relationship through the old paradigm perspective

will keep you stuck in the same issues for years to come, focusing on the wrong things.

Now we invite you to see your relationship from a new paradigm - one that contains your greatest opportunities for growth, transformation and greater impact for your purpose.

Really take that in for a minute…

Imagine if you could stop struggling with those repetitive patterns that frustrate you as a couple and instead put more of your energies into sharing your gives, having more intimacy, expressing your truth, having more fun together and making this year truly different so you feel more on purpose and have a greater impact.

Maybe you’re already working together as a couple and want to take things to the next level, or maybe you’re figuring out if you want to work together, what your purpose might be and how to bring that out in the world.

Either way, here’s the thing:

Transforming the patterns and challenges in your relationship that have been most challenging and feel like you’ve been working on for so long could free up tons of energy and opportunity for you to step more into your purpose work and your calling.

And, with that breakthrough, there’s more ‘medicine’ and something meaningful that you could share with others whom you want to serve and help them on their journey.

We have created this transformation for many clients

and now invite you to join us in Mexico so you can have yours!

These are the kinds of amazing and predictable results we see so often after a couple comes to work with us. Our clients say they have transformations and activations they don't have with others.

However...we’ve found that it’s only the couple willing to do the deeper work that get these results.

So the work we do is not for everyone.

Unlock Your Relationship’s Superpower Using Our Integrated Alchemy Method To Catapult Your Authentic Self & Your True Purpose

As a couple, we personally have countless examples of running our old patterns and choosing to shift our perspective and alchemize instead of doing the same old thing. Our mastery of this method over the years has allowed us to serve at our highest level as we embody what we’ve learned, and what we teach.

The first promise in our wedding vows is to “hold each other to our highest.” That means we signed up for the fast track of having our relationship be our master path for growth and evolution. 

Our relationship is our crucible for growth - a spiritual practice - and for the total fulfillment of our purpose - individually and together. We had both done a lot of work on ourselves before we got married, and as a couple over the years. This is how we live our life and work these tools everyday.

Many years ago, on one of our weekly date nights, we hit one of our regular patterns and got into an argument. I (Tracey) got emotional and started to play out the old feelings of the old paradigm of “something’s wrong with me and with us…”

Even though on the outside it looked like I was in my old perspective and pattern, because of my level of awareness, I also knew that something else was trying to emerge and break free.

I was in my pattern while also aware that I was in my pattern. I was deeply connected to myself, my truest desire and to George. I was aware of the tools we teach. And in that moment, I was able to shift my perspective of myself and of the relationship quickly.

I asked George to partner with me and alchemize in that moment. He said yes.

Everything changed in an instant. That instant was many years in the making, which is the mastery we offer and want you to have too.

Imagine being in one of your “crunchiest” patterns and right in the middle of it

knowing how to shift and get closer to each other, instantly.

Imagine knowing that each time you shifted, your superpower was growing.

Imagine knowing how to use that to love yourself and each other more deeply,

live your purpose. share your message and help others more powerfully and purposefully.

We Want YOU to Have This as "Partners in Purpose!"

“Being in Tracey and George’s space for three days

has been a completely transformational journey, beyond anything we've ever experienced. And being in Mexico has been extraordinarily magical. Thank you!”

You're Invited To Our 3.5 Day Private Couples Retreat by the beautiful shores of Mexico.

We’re offering an incredible opportunity for 3 amazing couples

to work with us 2-on-2 in a private, deep dive retreat.

You will be held in a safe and sacred crucible for your deeper work, alchemy and transformation for 3.5 days and 3 nights with beautiful accommodations, delicious food, quantum healing, activation and meditations, and our uninterrupted focus on you and your amazing relationship.


Are you one of these amazing couples?


  • Stop getting caught in old patterns and start revealing your superpowers, share your gifts and live your greater purpose - individually and together as partners...
  • Be in a beautiful place with uninterrupted focus on elevating you and your relationship...
  • Have real, lasting transformation so you don't go back to the old paradigm.

If you are ready for the next level of your partnership and your purpose,


Transform Patterns Into Purpose

Identify and make the most of your relationship purpose as disguised by your relationship’s most troublesome and persistent patterns.

Accelerate Your Superpowers

Explore, heal and articulate your authentic relationship superpowers and connect that directly to your desire to serve your purpose and help more people.

Become Allies In Love and Greater Impact

Transform your differences and polarities into greater skill, purpose and effectiveness as you evolve from power-struggles to allies in love.

In our couples work together, you will:

  • Identify and heal old personal and partnership patterns and know what’s on purpose, and what’s not (hint: this one shift is game changing and lasting.)
  • Shed old stories and make it safe to get to know each other newly and differently, so that you can update how you see each other and bring more of you into your relationship.
  • Learn and practice tools to speak your truth and make it more safe to be more free and fully expressed - individually and as a couple.
  • See how your differences and polarities are keys to your superpower as you go from power-struggles to allies in love.
  • Create your unique Relationship vision and have new tools for the New Year so you can make 2023 your best year yet as a couple!

Leave with clarity about what to focus on and how to move forward. 

Deepen your disciplines with the tools we will share and practice with you. 

Establish a priceless, powerful foundation for your partnership for this new year and beyond.

You'll also receive...


Pre-retreat intake packet plus a Foundation Call to customize the retreat for your most pressing and purposeful goals, intentions and needs so we dive right in when you arrive.


Follow up Integration call to help you anchor in and deepen the work and take things to the next level.


Access to our “Prosperity Playground” calls so you can start the work as soon as you register.

You get to CUN (Cancun Airport) and

we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Activate tools for transformation and specific behaviors to anchor in greater consciousness, up leveled communication, expanded connection, and deeper intimacy to take home and use ongoingly.
  • Learn and practice our “Integrated Alchemy Method” customized for your unique partnership for the highest truth, deepest healing and full expression of your relationship and soul-purpose.
  • Connect the dots from your patterns to your purpose to your greater voice and full expression individually and together.
  • Daily explorations and meditations for accelerated results to tap into more of your potency, purpose and intimacy.
  • Alchemize any challenge or pattern in real time using real situations (you can't unsee or unlearn what we'll show you).
  • Map-out specific next steps, including agreements and your partnership plan.
  • Purposeful casual time to ask and explore while we cook, eat, and relax.
  • Spacious time for self care to keep deepening the work.

You'll enjoy self care and daily meditations to support you to create routines and rituals for yourselves and as partners for you to continue at home.

You'll leave with a specific plan and roadmap based on your intentions and ‘goals’ for the retreat together. This is completely customized for your most pressing and purposeful partnership and individual needs.

Delicious food and relaxing together as the work continues through the day and evening (George is an AMAZING chef so you'll be eating well!) Part of the experience will be us preparing our nourishment together and having fun with food!

Join us for YOUR

"Partners In Purpose Deep Dive Relationship Accelerator" In Beautiful Mexico

3 Spots Remaining

Request To Join Us In Mexico!

Please respond immediately if you’re interested so we can begin the exploration together.

>> If traveling is not an option for you at this time, we invite you to apply as we have other private options to explore.
>>If you are currently enrolled in a program with us or have been in one of our year-long programs, you will have access to special pricing.
>>Pricing will be provided after you apply and qualify for an exploration conversation.

Mexico is one of our happy places,

and we'd love to share this with YOU!


This is Right For You If...

  • You both have or feel a purpose and calling in your hearts and you want to fulfill it (or explore how to fulfill it) with one another.
  • You want to feel even more expressed, communicate effectively, and be more skilled at transforming challenges as a couple.
  • You are a spiritually-inspired couple who want to connect more deeply with your higher selves.
  • You value support guidance, are coachable, and want to dive in and grow, even if it gets hard or uncomfortable.
  • You desire to express your connection in your everyday relationship, in your work, and in your lives.

This is NOT for you if...

  • When you honestly check in with yourself, you’re not really coachable or open to making changes.
  • You believe or feel that getting support is a sign of failure or weakness.
  • You're okay with ok. "Things are 'fine', no need to refine."
  • You don’t really want this kind of support but your partner is 'making' you.
  • You prefer to analyze things over and over and hope that might break the patterns over time (we’re coaches, not therapists) .
  • You're not ready to invest in your relationship at this time.

Which Option Will Accelerate YOUR Relationship?

Okay, so here’s the bottom line:

If you want to get great at alchemizing your patterns and connect that to your purpose so you can live more expressed and fulfilled, the most potent way we do this is in the crucible of a private retreat with us.

It is the place of greatest acceleration.

You’ve seen what’s possible.

You’ve seen other people having results and how quickly you can have this transformation for yourself and your partnership.

It’s time now for a decision.


Option 1- Do nothing and stay where you are right now.

Keep repeating the patterns and frustration and question if these struggles keep you from living your full purpose and being more expressed. Have a ‘good’ relationship but you really know that there’s more if you could have these breakthroughs and fulfill what you feel in your heart.

That’s an option and if it works for you, that’s ok.

But if you want more for your relationship and your purpose, that leaves you with 2 options.

Option 2 - Do it yourself.

You could try to make these changes on your own.

You can read the books, get advice, try to find and keep track of all the tools you come across, and then try to extract and analyze them and make them personal for you.

You can try to see your own patterns - which is really hard to do - and try to put the tools into practice when forget the most...when you’re already triggered and ‘in it.’

Doing the work alone generally leads to slow and incremental change compared to the exponential changes available with our focused guidance.

Believe us, we’ve tried all the techniques… We’ve been ‘around the block’ as have many of the couples we’ve worked with.

You might be able to do this and it could lead to incremental positive results, which could be enough for you.

But if you want the fast track with personalized guidance and tools, and to have the embodied practice and experience needed for when those patterns come up, that leaves the next option.

Option 3 - Let us accelerate your transformation and quantum flip your patterns so you can be free and fully expressed.

We’ll put our “Integrated Alchemy Method” to work for you, and with you.

All you need to do is click on the button and let’s set up time for the 4 of us to connect and explore together.

In our decades of experience, we’ve found no other method that has the potential to create such powerful and immediate transformation as our “Integrated Alchemy MethodTM” (The I.A.M.).

So of these 3 options, ask yourself, which one is best for you?

We’ve found that there are 2 types of purpose-driven couples in the world - those who talk and those who take action when the opportunity presents.

Most people will tell you they want a better relationship and to fulfill their purpose together, but we know that very few actually make it happen.

It’s a natural human tendency to stay in our comfort zone.

Most couples will keep dreaming or trying to work on it, while the few who are actually serious about fulfilling their purpose and having an amazing relationship, do what it takes.

Since you’ve made it this far, we think you’re one of the few amazing ones.

One of the 3 couples we’re looking for.

If we’re right and you’re still with us, please apply here.

We’re here in Mexico doing our amazing work as a couple, basking in the blessings, and helping others in the meantime, doing the work we love, with folks we love and are honored to support and mentor.

Only you can decide if you’re ready for the “Partners in Purpose Deep Dive Accelerator.

Become Partners In Purpose

Your old paradigm and patterns will become so obvious

that you can’t unsee them.

Your partnership and life will transform at an accelerated rate.

There’s nothing like it.

Break Free From Old Patterns And Become Partners In Purpose

Together you will ...


Identify and heal old personal and partnership patterns that have been running (or ruining) your relationship.


See how your differences and polarities are keys to your superpower as you go from power-struggles to allies in love.


Learn and practice tools to speak your truth and make it more safe to be more free and fully expressed - individually and as a couple.


Create your unique Relationship's vision and have new tools for the New Year so you can make 2023 your best year yet as a couple!

Creating this kind of experience and holding couples in this powerful way is one of our partnership superpowers.

We are masterful in creating a uniquely safe and healing space for each of you individually and for your relationship. You will be celebrated for your differences and held with non-judgment and total empowerment as you grow beyond your comfort zone and familiar patterns. We'll guide you both as you step into being partners in your purpose, dial into your higher intention, and begin to see each other as your highest selves.

We LOVE doing deep dive retreats so we can are immersed and exclusively focused on YOU for an extended period of time. We can address what comes up in the moment in real time and have space to go deeper and explore what doesn't get tended to or otherwise might bet rushed in everyday life or even on regular coaching calls.


Full days and evenings to explore your relationship needs, purpose and desires, create a vision and agreements, have tools to totally transform the way you hear and speak to each other, and have fun...just the four of us!

In their words...

Tapping Into The True Potential In The Relationship

We highly recommend this retreat. They help you see the potential for all the things that are showing up in your relationship that are not where they could be. They give you the steps to get there. All you have to do is be willing to do the work. If you are willing, Tracey and George are amazing. “

The level of presence and truth in the space is so strong. If you are serious about ascension and evolving and uplifting your consciousness, consider it. Especially if it terrifies you. That's a definite yes. Don’t delay - jump into that cold water pool and you’re going to find out it's actually warm and delightful!

“If you think you're enlightened, be brave enough to spend three whole days with George and Tracey and their whole attention focused on you.

It’s amazing!

We Can Use This As The Fuel To Make The Change On The Planet

“One of the tenants that George and Tracey hold is that all of life is sacred. And what I now see here is reconnecting us back to something that we knew when we first met, that might have fallen away a little bit during the years, but it's reconnecting us to that truth inside of us. We are, and what our relationship is about, is something bigger than us that we want to bring forward to the world. It's so important to me to be able to bring our messages out and I have so much belief and so much passion for what I and we want to bring forward.

Now we can look at our relationship as the sacred ground for these truths and the crucible where these ideas can come together. This retreat has enabled us to receive the transformational alchemical work done here with Tracey and George, and use that as fuel to make the change on the planet that is our intent. We have been fostered in this alchemical space during this time together to see the way to making those very impactful dreams come true, to make that a reality on the planet.”

Nobody else knows the depths of where we go. It feels safe for you to hold us through that while still honoring our relationship.

“You two (George and Tracey) helped us through a really important pivotal point in our relationship and guided us to see our higher selves and not get stuck in the muck. Working with you feels very magical. You both guide us to unfold in our evolution. You give us tools to practice, and also help us see ourselves. You really take a stand for us. Nobody else knows the depths of where we go, and it feels really safe to have you two help us and hold us through that while still honoring our relationship and making that a priority. It was always about us and our relationship, together."

The deep shifts feel sustainable.

"This retreat was facilitated in a very deliberate way to help us get deeper into our connection. Not just in ourselves, but with each other and in listening and being able to receive information from George and Tracey both, in the ways they share the knowledge and wisdom.  All of the nuances were addressed. 

We had all this freedom of time and trusted that everything would come up in our conversations and experiences. We knew there was a design to the retreat, but it felt like things could be addressed when they were ready and we could deal with each layer as it came up, and explore it. It felt really good to have that freedom, and we had confidence that in the course of this retreat that the promise would be delivered. I feel like it was delivered at a really deep level.

It's such a supportive container. From the very beginning they both set the context very clearly.  They gave us presence practices as a couple to bring us into an even deeper feeling of connection and reverence. The deep shifts feel sustainable. That feels really good." 

We’ve received a template, a model for how a relationship could be.

"What is unique in working with Tracey and George is not only all the different skills that they bring to the table and their years of experience, but being in this environment. We have the time that we're in session and then the time that we're just being together, through meals and sitting at the table while George is cooking a beautiful meal. The food is excellent. There's nothing to worry about. We were in this beautiful paradise in which we created a whole new way of being in our life. There's a whole new world opening up that we’re excited to live in.

The thread in all of this is the evident love connection between George and Tracey. They love each other. And the very visible, palpable love is core to this work. The very things that they're training us on, they're also modeling for us. We get to see them - how they're doing their own thing while we're in this process, how they're being with each other and how they're presenting. I'm a great observer of people so I'm watching them all the time and clocking all this in the back of my mind and it's really extraordinary. They're beautiful. We’ve received a template, a model for how a relationship could be. Thank you so much. We love and treasure you so much!”

George P. Kansas and
Tracey Trottenberg-Kansas

We Merge Spiritual Embodiment, Authentic Leadership, and
Conscious Communication
So That Together You Can Be
Partners in Purpose and
"Speak and Lead with Love."

With over 50 years combined experience leading transformational programs and events, we’ve spoken to, trained and coached tens of thousands of people. 

We are Leadership and Language Mentors and Alchemists and our work has been called the “Harvard MBA of Conscious Communication.”

Our passion is to support heart-centered, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, executives, coaches, healers and difference-makers like you to have an authentic, loving and positive influence in your work, at home and in the world from ‘the inside out’ so you can “Speak and Lead with Love.” 

Our mission is to “Elevate consciousness by elevating the conversations - the ones inside of you, coming out of your mouth, and happening around you."

Our deepest joy and greatest honor is to guide you to see and embody your greatest authentic self - so you fulfill your calling to share your voice and make a positive impact in your business and your life. With proven strategies and timeless principles for your everyday life and work, we guide you to lead and communicate with more consciousness and confidence for your full soul-purpose expression, especially during this time when it - and you - are needed more than ever.

Part of your investment will support Voices For Love, Inc.

Voices For Love, Inc. is a 501c3 charitable corporation supporting conscious difference-makers engaged in work that makes the world more safe, kind and caring. Through scholarships, leadership training, fundraising, awareness, community and empowerment, we support heart-centered difference makers and their passion projects.

Together, we expand consciousness, magnify impact and spread the experience of love, kindness and well-being in mind, body, emotion, and spirit on this planet.

A final word...

With everything going on in the world, we can't imagine a better, or more important time than now to invest the time and energy into your relationship. You have a vision and desire for your partnership to be the foundation and fuel for your greater goals and vision. You see the potential of having a deeper purpose for your relationship that inspires you, even if you don't know how to get there or how to get beyond the challenges that keep coming up. We can help you.

It's our greatest honor to serve couples who want to use their love to make a greater difference - in your world and in the world. This is who we are and what we live each and every day.

Say yes to you and join us for this most amazing opportunity to have exclusive time, focus and expertise on you and your unique, purposeful and cherished partnership!

Join us in Mexico for a retreat you will never forget!

Yes, we want to become Partners In Purpose!