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Where proven neuroscience, practical business strategies, ancient spiritual mysticism, and modern quantum physics unite to support you year round.

The Prosperity Playground

A daily quantum creation laboratory for your soul!

Finally, a community that helps you step into your most authentic YOU, re-introduces you to yourself - week in, week out - builds your confidence, and holds you as you launch the best version of you into the world!

You're worth it!

Let's do this!

With your hosts:

George P. Kansas &

Tracey Trottenberg Kansas

Spiritual Disruptors, Authors, Speakers, Trainers and creators of Speak with Soul and Elevate!

"Prosperity Playground has been such an unexpected gift. This quickly has become a daily practice for me. If I can’t catch it live, I always catch the replay. My partner listened in a few times and before I knew it, it became a daily practice for us to do together." 


Belfast, UK

Playground Subscriber

If - as an empowered and inspired difference-maker - you could give yourself the gifts of...

  • Surging with boundless energy, enthusiasm, and hope.
  • Unleashing your resourcefulness, ignite your leadership, communication, and creative prowess.
  • Embracing greater focus, confidence, and decision-making skills for heightened productivity and deeper relationships.
  • Joining leaders of light like you - from all over the world - in a field of coherence for a lasting energetic upgrade.
  • Feeling how fast and effectively each meditation takes hold in your nervous system.
  • Showing up each workday as your most empowered, grounded, and present self.
  • Having a daily set of Jumper Cables for Your Soul! (TM)

Or would you continue to ...

  • Feeling alone and isolated?
  • Beating yourself up and feeling like others are piling on?
  • Feeling hopeless, disconnected from Source, or like you just keep "hitting your head against the wall"?
  • Feeling like you trying course after course and not making the progress you know you're meant for?
  • Feeling like you keep losing momentum, no matter how much "harder" you work?.
  • Feeling like you've got all this Gold or wisdom inside you and it's stuck there, building up pressure?
  • Feeling like things would be different if only someone would just take a little of the pressure off?


The Prosperity Playground

Where empowered and inspired difference-makers gather to redefine success in the midst of global uncertainty. If you're feeling the effects of negative forces and seeking a higher frequency to lead others with infectious positivity, clarity, purpose and love, you're in the right place.

In these challenging times, the world can weigh heavily on the spiritually inspired. Economic fluctuations, social media chatter, and discouragement can lead you off course. But fear not! The daily inspirational call of the Prosperity Playground offers the guiding light you need to stay tuned to creative energy, foster community, and embrace quantum wisdom. Together, we'll overcome limiting beliefs, transforming your energy into the driving force for your greatness.

Discover a daily experience like no other, where your purpose gains crystal clarity, your enthusiasm soars, and your vision for a brighter world expands exponentially. With each call, you'll liberate your creative energy, becoming a compelling leader, communicator, and creator.

We've crafted a harmonious fusion of practical business acumen, spiritual mysticism, and scientific insights. This unique blend empowers you with the tools to instantly integrate profound wisdom into your life, elevating your frequency and positively influencing those around you.

Start each weekday in a high-vibe from wherever you are on the planet.

You're worth it!

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We've shared the playground for nearly 3000 calls, creating results for listeners like you for over 10 years!

What subscribers have to say about the Playground...

“I have loved and enjoyed the Prosperity playground with George and Tracey, with their inspirational mediation messages each morning. With gratitude and love,"

New York, USA Playground Subscriber

"Whenever I tune in, George's messages always hit the needed nail on the head. The answers pop out of his mind just when I need them. Thank you!"


England, UK

Playground Subscriber

"George and Tracey your Prosperity Playground call this morning on money and abundance was really moving. Thank you. I'll listen to it again and again and again."



Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Plans to meet your budget...

We know everyone starts this journey from a different place. So, we've made investing in yourself an easy choice. You already know you thrive from being around enthusiastic encouragement, live support, and vibrant, lively, interactive community of like-minded difference makers like you, so at checkout, join The Playground and prepay your annual subscription. Again, choose the prepay option for the full year, save, and enjoy your bonuses!

The Playground!

Much more than a daily meditation practice.  The Prosperity Playground is a movement!

A prosperity mindset practice employing neuroscience, modern day mysticism, quantum physics, and ancient meditation practices to elevate your frequency every weekday morning with tools, tips and strategies for maintaining that high vibe throughout your day. Your subscription Includes exclusive, monthly, LIVE calls and opportunities for live coaching from George and/or Tracey, plus Q&A and other community support.

You'll get extra, long lasting frequency boosts and power-tools for transformation from these interactive sessions!

  • Daily access to the Playground plus password access to replay portal
  • Private Group in proprietary mobile app*
    *(in the works!)
  • Percentage supports Voices For Love
  • Monthly Community Q and A Coaching Call
    with George and/or Tracey
  • Monthly Community Celebration Call

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Full-pay Bonus #1

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The Playground's Morning Manifestation Mantra. Download and print this amazing mantra, stick it up on your mirror (that's where ours is), read it aloud every morning and night, and just watch the magic unfold!

Full-pay Bonus #2

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The Playground's Morning 100-day Daily Quantum Creation Journal. Download and print this amazing journal and follow along each week. Includes built-in gratitude practice prompts that will help you make the most of your Playground experience!

Full-pay Bonus #3

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As a pre-paid subscriber, you'll have access to our special bonus Playground Archive of over 100 recordings. You'll have this incredible archive within your reach for those days when you need a little extra jet-fuel!

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Choose the full-pay option for the Playground and you get the Morning Manifestation Mantra above PLUS our popular conscious well-being program; Bio-Magical! This virtual training course will change the way you see your body, the way you feel about your health and the way you talk about both...forever!

"The Prosperity Playground helps give me a feeling of hope that I really can reset my nervous system and feel hopeful in this world.  Thank you for all that you hold, George and Tracey."


Wisconsin, USA

Playground Subscriber

We've been inspiring people like you...

- Healers. Teachers. Messengers. Awakeners. Thought Leaders. -

every single weekday for nearly 10 years.

Nearly 3000 episodes and counting!

Be reminded who you are, why you're here, and what you're here to share - and be encouraged to live it.

Live (and replayed) every weekday.

All year long starts tomorrow morning!

You're worth it!

Thank you, George. This is your Soul Purpose. What a gift to be here to use all that you are to help others.  You and Tracey are amazing… together, you are a force of loving light, especially during these darker times.   Please continue to be the inspiration.  You are both greatly needed. You are a blessing to the world.  Namaste!

With love,

Channel, Healer, Author - Maryland, USA
Playground Plus/Elevate! Member


Choose your level and join today!

I love you, George and Tracey!

Dee Dee

Colorado, USA

Playground Subscriber

About George and Tracey:

We are Leadership and Language "Alchemists." Our passion is to support purpose-driven entrepreneurs, leaders and their teams to Speak and Lead with Love. Our purpose is to elevate and accelerate consciousness on the planet. With over 50 years combined of experience leading transformation, we help Amazing Leaders like you who want to make a genuine impact in the world from ‘the inside out’. We bring proven strategies and timeless principles to your everyday life and work so you can lead and communicate in more conscious and embodied ways.

For over a combined 5 decades, we have been empowering individuals globally to consciously communicate and lead in their work, communities and relationships. Being a conversation leader requires doing the deeper work and to have the courage to go all in. To get messy in order to find your message. To embrace all of you—the fabulous and the faults—and to bring kindness to yourself. Our mission is to make the world a kinder, safer place for all beings, and it starts with you. Starting each day with a prosperity mindset is a part of our personal routine and ritual. It's our joy to share this morning practice with you.

About Voices For Love, Inc. :

A percentage of the Playground's membership revenue goes to “Voices for Love" our 501-C3 Non-Profit Organization. We support heart-centered difference makers with their passion projects providing them education, leadership training, scholarships, fundraising, awareness, support, community and empowerment.

We help those who are finding their voice, not able to speak for themselves, or are not being heard. Your voice will make a difference. As you work on yourself and invest in your evolution and awakening, you help those in need. Together, WE make the world safer, kinder and more caring for the children, animals, women, cancer survivors, and our Mother Earth.

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